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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Americante – Mai più senza Porta Peperone

Posted by Matteo Casadio on 11 April 2017

L’oggetto di oggi è: Il Porta Peperone!

Salva Peperone

Salva peperone

Dolci americani per Pasqua

Posted by Matteo Casadio on 6 April 2017


Siamo in New Jersey, è quasi Pasqua. Guarda cosa abbiamo trovato nei supermercati americani!

Sarà forse una Colomba di Pasqua artigianale?

Dolci di Pasqua in america

Garda il video! Americanate –Pesce Nudo TV

Segui pescenudo anche su YouTube. Oltre alle Americanate ci sono video seri!

Se vuoi la ricetta della Colomba di Pasquala trovi qui

Recipe for pancakes with almonds

Posted by Matteo Casadio on 1 April 2017

If you want to start your day with a smile and full of energy you have to try  these pancakes with almonds, gluten free.

This recipe is quick, easy and also healthy.

Pancake alle mandorle

Pancake alle mandorle

Ingredients for 4 people:

260 g almond flour
4 large eggs
120 g almond milk
600 g extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil
15 g raw honey (2 tablespoons) or maple syrup
8 g bicarbonate
cinnamon powder
sea salt

Work all the ingredients in a bowl with a whisk. The batter should be neither too thick nor too liquid.

Heat iron or a nonstick pan, grease with coconut oil and with a ladle, pour the amount required to make the first pancake. The first pancake is also a test to see if the dough is the right consistency. Once cooked on one side, with the help of a spatula, turn and finish cooking also from this side..

Continue with all the batter.

Serve pancakes hot accompanied with strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, maple syrup, nuts, yogurt sauce with wild berries, peanut butter, goji berries ….

Pesce Nudo Blog

Posted by Matteo Casadio on 7 March 2017

Chocolate and avocado mousse – Vegan and Gluten free

Posted by Matteo Casadio on 1 March 2017

Years ago the avocado for those who did not live in tropical countries was an almost unknown fruit. In recent times having regard to the request, the production and commercialization has spread. Besides, now they are also produced in Sicily, but not all year, still you can also buy them in many stores in Italy. The key issue is to use them in the right moment of ripeness. Usually they still buy a little ‘sour and left to ripen until the right time. To speed up the ripening you can be left at room temperature in a paper bag.

We probably knew before the Guacamoleand then the avocado. Avocado is also great for making desserts and replace the butter some recipes.

Chocolate and avocado mousse - Vegan and Gluten free

Chocolate and avocado mousse – Vegan and Gluten free

For dessert, the chocolate mousse and avocado is easy and quick to prepare.You can combine the mousse to other ingredients and present it in various ways.In this recipe, we combined it with other tropical fruits: mango, banana, macadamia and passion fruit, … but you can use your own imagination and indulge yourself!

Ingredients for 4 people

2 ripe avocados

50 g agave syrup

30 g cocoa powder

2 g ground cinnamon

Wash avocados. With a sharp knife, cut the avocados kernel, then rotate the blade around the kernel to be able to divide in half.

To easily remove the kernel hit him with the knife blade and do a little twist.

At this point with a spoon extract all the pulp.

Put the pulp in a blender and operate for a few seconds until creamy.

Add cocoa, cinnamon and agave syrup and operate a few more seconds.

The cream is ready.

This you can present by filling the jars or glasses with the help of a pastry bag, or you can use to fill a cake, or deserts.

In the image, we served with mango, cut into small cubes, passion fruit, macadamia and banana, for a healthy sweet and everything tropical.

Best Red Velvet Cake Recipe

Posted by Matteo Casadio on 15 February 2017

There are many legends that run around the Red Velvet Cake, one of the most popular American cakes.

I think his real story begins with the great American depression of the end 800.

It seems that John Adams, in 1888 he opened a company to extract and food coloring.

With the Depression, its products began to have less market and had the brilliant idea of developing a promotion sale of innovative for its time.

In those years some cakes took a slightly red colored, due to the chemical reaction of some ingredients used: cocoa and the acidity of other products.

Adams decided to create the red cake that had ever been made and had distributed more drugstores possible, billboards with the image of the pie. The main ingredients to make the cake were only the red coloring and vanilla extract. To those who had bought them would have been given the secret recipe, thus enticing customers to spend anything extra to buy its products.

So he managed to overcome the difficult years and the Red Velvet Cake became increasingly popular.

Best Red Velvet Cake Recipe

Best Red Velvet Cake Recipe

Today the reference recipe comes from the Magnolia Bakery in New York.

Magnolia Bakery in New York

Magnolia Bakery in New York

Red Velvet Cake

For the base

440 g flour 00

170 g butter (at room temperature)

3 eggs (room temperature)

450 g sugar

6 teaspoons red food coloring liquid

16 g unsweetened cocoa powder

6 g vanilla extract

9 g salt

370 g white natural yogurt (or buttermilk)

7 g apple vinegar

7 g bicarbonate

For the cream:

50 g flour 00

500 g whole milk

450 g butter (at room temperature)

400g castor sugar

9 g vanilla extract


for the base mount planetary softened butter with 225 grams of sugar until it will be nice fluffy.

Add the eggs, one at a time, alternating with the remaining sugar

Add the sifted cocoa, coloring and vanilla while continuing to mount.

Dissolve the salt into the buttermilk or yoghurt

In a bowl mix apple vinegar and baking soda

Stir in butter based, alternately, the flour, buttermilk with salt and vinegar with baking soda.

Spread the mixture evenly into three cake tins from 24 cm diameter butter and flour

Bake in oven preheated to 180 ° C for about 25-30 minutes (check the area with a toothpick).

Remove from oven, let cool and remove from the molds.

For the vanilla cream dissolve the flour in cold milk inside a saucepan stirring with a whisk.

Put on low heat and simmer for 10 minutes stirring constantly.

Cool quickly.

Cream butter and sugar until it is very fluffy.

Add vanilla and continue beating.

Combine the cream and flour at room temperature.

Parry disks and put the first on a hard cake.

Make a first layer of cream. Continue with the other disks.

Completely cover the cake with cream and smooth it with precision.

Leave it covered in the refrigerator until serving.

Red Velvet Cake

Red Velvet Cake